1. December 2017

Safe-Hub Berlin

The development of our Berlin Safe-Hub is well underway. We are adapting our programming to fit this new environment and its unique challenges. The Safe-Hub will be located in Berlin/Wedding, an area where young people face a lot of challenges. Our main focus is to provide children - refugees and locals - with social skills to increase their chances in life, support their integration into society, and decrease youth unemployment.

We’ve already started rolling out our "Kick it but Fair!" workshops. Based on a mix of theory and games, we are training coaches to use simple and structured football training units to translate life-skills and fair play elements into everyday life.



The District Office Mitte and AMANDLA sign a contract for the usage of the property at Leopoldplatz

A milestone in the realization of the Safe-Hub at Leopoldplatz has been reached: The district office and AMANDLA were able to agree on the usage of the site in Ruheplatzstraße and conclude a contractual agreement. We are pleased to have planning security for the project in Wedding with the signed contract.


The Safe-Hub in Wedding is coming soon!

The Safe-Hub in Berlin Wedding is taking shape: site usage for the Safe-Hub at Leopoldplatz, Ruheplatzstraße 12, 13347 Berlin begins November 1st 2019! Construction is scheduled to be complete within 18 months, to include an educational centre and a football pitch that can be divided into three mini-pitches! The site will provide space for dozens of children to play, learn and realise their potential.

Schools can use the Safe-Hub pitch in the morning free of charge. In the afternoon, AMANDLA will implement its renown EduFootball Programme, which uses football to teach life-skills like team building and goal setting. The educational centre will also provide a space for AMANDLA partners to implement other recreational youth activities during the day.

In the evenings and on the weekends, sports clubs and other external youth organisations can use the facilities. The Safe-Hub will be a place of comprehensive and collaborative support for children and adolescents to access a variety of development services.

With a few final legal steps to carry out, AMANDLA’s next focus will be to acquire the necessary funds for project construction. To support the completion of the Safe-Hub in Berlin Wedding, click here.

Project status and additional information will be provided continuously.

Wedding / Berlin
First Safe-Hub outside South Africa
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