The Safe-Hub Model, which was developed and refined in South Africa over the past 10 years, is built on the premise that large-scale social change requires cross-sector coordination and collaboration. The Model is designed to drive collective impact, rather than pursue the isolated silo approach, commonly adopted by government, non-governmental and private sector.

Our VISION 2030 Campaign aims to replicate the quality and proven impact of the Safe-Hub Model globally. We want to establish Safe-Hubs while simultaneously empowering local communities though capacity building and training.

Through cross-sector collaboration, we have developed a social-franchise and fundraising system that puts Safe-Hub in a unique position to scale our award-winning model internationally. Our aim is to roll out 100 Safe-Hubs across South Africa and operate the first Safe-Hubs outside Africa by 2030.

You can help us realise our VISION 2030 and create the largest, most effective social franchise in the world. Join us today!