About Safe-Hub

Far too many young people leave school each day and enter unsafe, violent neighbourhoods and homes with no adult supervision. These young people are at high risk of destructive, anti-social behaviour – substance abuse, risky sexual behaviour and involvement in gangs – that threatens their future and often leaves them trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Safe-Hub believes that every young person has limitless potential that deserves to be realised. We help young people realise this potential by creating an alternative to the toxic environment that so many grow up in. Safe-Hub provides a physically and emotionally safe space where young people can access quality after-school programmes, strong role models, and a range of services, opportunities and support.

Collective Impact

Safe-Hub is a shared space that facilitates innovative collaboration. We build cross-sector partnerships and have created a replicable social-franchise model that puts Safe-Hub in a unique position to take our results to scale.


  • Safe and Fun

    Safe-Hub is a place of physical and emotional safety and – most importantly –fun!

    • Young people own the Safe-Hub space and are integral to all decision-making
    • Each participant’s experience is our priority: Every Kid, Every Day, Every Moment!
    • Quality after-school programmes help young people learn in a fun, cool and experiential way
    • All coaches are trained as child and youth care workers and are committed to the highest standard of child protection practices
    • On-site social workers provide counselling and reliable referral pathway networks
    • All staff are qualified in First Aid and ensure that participants receive the best care
    • Our facilities are kept safe through partnerships with neighbourhood watch and local community leadership
  • One-Stop Shop

    The Safe-Hub is a shared space that facilitates innovative collaboration. We bring diverse partners together to offer young people holistic support, services and opportunities. We provide a platform for collective impact.

    • Our Youth Café and Academy offer professional development support, market- driven skills development programmes, and accredited qualifications. It serves as a catalyst for employment, further education and training.
    • Safe-Hub hosts a variety of quality after-school programmes including: sports and recreation, arts and culture, academic tutoring and e-learning
    • Young people can access free Wi-Fi and use Safe-Hub computers to do schoolwork
    • Specialised staff offer counselling and local partners provide a coordinated referral network
    • Strong local role models support young people on their individual paths to becoming responsible, productive and positive citizens
  • Sustainable

    Diverse and integrated income and funding streams ensure Safe-Hub’s financial sustainability.

    • We ensure long-term government collaboration by integrating with local government programmes and being aligned to government strategy
    • We create income generation opportunities for local entrepreneurs and business owners
    • We offer young people the opportunity to incubate start-up businesses
    • We provide opportunities for community-based stakeholders to rent our football pitch or meeting and assembly rooms
    • We sell advertising space in and around the Safe-Hub
  • Scale

    Our social-franchise model was designed to be replicated. Safe-Hub has a global vision and is in a unique position to scale our award-winning results internationally.

    • Through a social franchise system, we can replicate our proven model across South Africa and internationally in a highly-qualitative, cost-efficient way
    • Safe-Hub is a platform for best-practise NGOs, public sector and private sector partners to collaborate on youth development
    • Shared offices and facilities support collaborative programme planning and implementation
    • Work spaces facilitate youth-driven think tanks that develop innovative and effective solutions to complex problems
    • The Academy, information centre and networking space provide a bridge between youth and employment opportunities, as well as further education and training programmes with local business and government