A Safe-Hub is a state-of-the-art youth and education centre with an artificial turf field. Explore our Safe-Hub by clicking on the areas below…

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Networking space
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Football & Education Centre
Entrance area
Outside area
Artificial turf field
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Artificial turf field

Attractive, top-class foundation of AMANDLA’s developmental football programmes

  • Long lasting 24/7/365 usage capacity
  • Top-quality FIFA standard artificial turf
  • Full-size field or separated in four 5-a-side fields for maximum capacity utilisation Attractive alternative to street corners


Night Leagues supporting crime and violence prevention

  • Night programming increases security in and around the Safe-Hub and the community at large
  • Programmes are implemented at peak crime hours, between 20:00 and 00:00, target the main victims and perpetrators of crime

Outside area

Safe, green outside space conducive to relaxation, socialisation and creativity,

  • Green oasis in grey urban environment
  • Relaxing and free atmosphere
  • Attractive alternative to street corner “hang-outs”
Psychosocial support centre
Training academy
Support area
Transversal office spaces
Networking space
Football &
Education Centre Back

Psychosocial support centre

Social services and counselling support, addressing young people’s emotional and social needs

  • Child and youth care workers
  • Social worker
  • Family planning support
  • Psychological support
  • Conflict resolution mediation
  • Substance abuse support
  • Health and nutrition counselling

Training academy

Academic support and accredited training

  • Accredited learnership based education and training programmes, Homework support and academic tutoring
  • Workshops, colloquia and conferences, Think tanks, research projects, pilot programmes and innovation hub
  • Computer lab
  • Career and academic counselling,
  • Young entrepreneurship support programmes

Support area

Support infrastructure for programme implementation and a healthy lifestyle

  • Kitchen for catering purposes
  • Safe and hygienic changing rooms, showers and ablutions
  • Storage facility"
  • Healthy nutrition and feeding schemes

Transversal office spaces

Platform for collaboration

  • Engine for innovative, integrated transversal youth development programmes
  • Open and interactive shared office space for NGOs, government initiatives and local enterprise

Networking space

Youth Café: Webbing, learning, networking and exchange space

  • Free access to internet and WIFI
  • Free access to information on employment opportunities
  • Free access to information on education and training opportunities
  • Youth Café as an enterprise run by youth
  • Centre for local community meetings, workshops, cultural events and celebrations
Small business units
Entrance area
Entrance area Back

Small business units

Safe and professional commercial space for young entrepreneurs and local start-ups

  • Transitional space that supports learning, and expansion plans for small businesses and start-ups
  • Support and mentorship for local entrepreneurship
  • Connector to larger surrounding community

Entrance area

Reception and registration area, connection point between the Safe-Hub and community

  • Open, welcoming and inviting entrance area
  • Central and secure access and egress point
  • igital registration point for any participant or visitor - serves as an individual biometric attendance monitoring system