With the aim of continually improving Safe-Hub’s reach and impact, our team monitors and evaluates all activities regularly. We continue to invest in strengthening our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning System.


The results speak for themselves!


Employment, Education & Training

Over 50% of South Africans between age 18-25 are unemployed. One of our long-term outcomes is a reduction in the number of local young people who are unemployed or not enrolled in further education or training programmes. To date, 84% of PlayMaker graduates have moved into employment or further education and training opportunities.

Playmaker & Trainees
Life-Skills Workshops & Training Sessions
Monthly employability workshops

Individual & Community Change

The family, peer group, school and community environments that Safe-Hub participants grow up in are often chaotic and destructive. Through providing a safe space, access to life-skills workshops and positive adult role models, we have seen an increase in participants’ resilience, improved decision-making ability and other valuable life-skills.

Preventing Violence and Crime

One of the long-term outcomes we work towards is the reduction of violence, crime and other kinds of anti-social behaviour in areas surrounding our Safe-Hubs. This graph contains localized crime statistics from the South African Police Service. In the most recent data assessed, we continue to see a significant reduction in contact crime in the Safe-Hub catchment area. This is in stark contrast to the trend in the rest of the area.

Programme Attendance

We believe that regular, consistent and sustained participation of learners in Safe-Hub programmes will enable participants to make better life choices, improve their education results, and reduce risky behaviour. We capture the participants attendance through a biometric fingerprint system. These are the statistics: