Since our organisation was established, youth participation in Safe-Hub activities has increased by 92%. With the aim of continually improving its reach and impact, Safe-Hub monitors and evaluates all activities on a regular and ongoing basis.


The Safe-Hub monitoring, evaluation and learning system (MEL) provides the foundation for the management, accountability, and improvement of the Safe-Hub model. Ultimately it keeps us on track in the pursuit of our impact.

Match preparations

A. Theory of Change

  • Practical programme road map showing the pathways towards achieving our long-term goals
  • Used to explain how the status quo is altered through programme inputs and how this translates into long term impacts

B. Indicators

  • Key pieces of information that tell us whether we have achieved our desired outcomes
  • Used to evaluate the success of the programmes against our goals

C. Alignment

  • To ensure that activities are planned in alignment with the Theory of Change in a structured ‘logical framework’
  • Used to keep our daily activities on track towards our long term goals

Match day

D. Data collection and management

  • Regular collection of biometric attendance data
  • Used to evaluate attendance trends to inform programme developments

E. Data evaluation

  • Periodic analysis of programme outcomes through fun and engaging youth friendly tools
  • Used to generate evidence on what change has resulted from daily programme activities

Post-match analysis

F. Reporting

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports produced
  • Used to keep ourselves accountable internally and externally

G. Reflection

  • Regular reflection on attendance data and resultant change
  • Used to evaluate what worked well and what could be improved

H. Learning & Improving

  • Internal learning and development through reviewing outputs, outcomes and impact
  • Used to incorporate new insights and understanding into the ongoing development of our Theory of Change and programme activities